Simply Fitted Wardrobe Design In Essex Transforming Bedrooms

Fitted Wardrobe Design

We have been looking at simply fitted wardrobes this month. We know that every bespoke fitted wardrobe design should deliver style and storage. However, you don’t need a vast amount of space because, simply fitting wardrobes alone can transform a room.

This simple fitted wardrobe design is a good example of a shaker style door, with no mid-rail to give a modern twist to a timeless classic. The Cashmere Oak Grain hinged wardrobe doors are finished with a brushed steel Victorian bedroom doorknob that completes the look.
A previously unused space is transformed by simply fitting wardrobes in a trendy shade of oak. There you have it, a simple but luxurious bespoke fitted bedroom. As for the wardrobe interiors, the choice is yours. If you have lots of coats and dresses long hanging with shelves above is best. Or maybe double hanging and shelves. Our fitted wardrobe design will make sure all the available space is used. So you can expect somewhere to store boxes, bulky items and hang your clothes. Add a full-length internal wardrobe mirror and you can see not only how good your fitted wardrobe design looks, but you as well.

Fitted Wardrobes Simply Essex

Simple Wardrobes Design that transforms any bedroom.

So you can from this example that every bedroom transformation is easy with bespoke bedroom furniture, no matter how simple the design. Our skilled bedroom designers can make space for you from floor to ceiling.

Fitting Wardroes

We have been designing wardrobes from our family run Essex based Bedroom Company for over 10 years. Being based in Essex though doesn’t keep at home. We design and install fitted wardrobes across Hertfordshire and Kent too! So if you would like a highly competitive free bedroom quote in the comfort of your home with absolutely no sales pressure, contact us today. You can rest assured that your design is underpinned by a company of reputation as verified by WHICH trusted traders and the trading standards Buy with Confidence scheme.

Christmas Guests – Bedroom Ideas to Make Everyone Feel At Home

I know you may not want to hear this, but the minute Bonfire Night is over the countdown to Christmas begins. So lets embrace it and if like me you have family arriving it is time to consider the guest bedroom. Maybe simply fitting some wardrobes is the answer and if so, call us now to book your appointment. However, if you are not quite ready to undertake a complete fitted wardrobe renovation we hope these bedroom ideas helpful.

Hopefully you are looking forward to your guests descending. Spending quality time together recounting old memories and creating new ones area all part of the fun. However, a little bit of personal space for everyone always helps the festivities bounce along more smoothly.

So do not delay, be brave and take a long look at the spare room. You could need some bedroom ideas !
Ask yourself, “Will your guests walk and sigh a comforting homely smile that shouts, I feel welcome?” Or could they possibly think that you have placed them in a cupboard with your cleaning materials?
If it is the latter you need to read on….

Bedroom Ideas for guests

A welcoming fitted guest bedroom idea.

Guest Bedroom Ideas – Creating Comfort!

They should never feel as though they have barged in and interrupted your home. So hide the vacuum and the ironing board somewhere else.
The guest room should feel deliberate with wardrobes and drawer space. Make sure they can quickly unpack and locate their belongings without trawling through cases. Having somewhere to place your personal effects is a big step to feeling at home. Maybe consider investing in a luggage stand. They fold flat, are reasonably priced and really useful.
A finishing touch is simple single fresh flower or small display. It says, hello you are welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Bedroom Ideas – Bright and Fresh – A Must for Any Guest Bedroom!

Think of your guest bedroom as a really fancy hotel. You want it to be clean and comfortable. No one wants to sleep in a musty old bedroom. A key part of doing that is by making sure everything is tidy and fresh! Dust off lampshades and surfaces or vacuum rugs and sweep floors to keep everything clean! And another great way to make your guests feel at home in your house is by providing fresh, fluffy towels for them, toiletries like toothbrushes and hairspray, and fresh bed linens so that they know this room was made up just for them!

Merry Christmas To You All and Your Guests

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Is your Guest Bedroom Inviting? Don’t forget the Guest Bedroom before they arrive!!

Christmas time is nearly upon us. People we hold dear are planning to arrive in our homes again. This may make you grin from ear to ear. Or feel you with dread given your personal space is about to be, less spacious. Hopefully you are looking forward to your guests descending and you can spend quality time together recounting old memories and creating new ones. However, a bit of space for everyone always helps the festivities bounce along more smoothly. So do not delay. It is time to review the guest bedroom in time for Christmas.

Ask yourself, “Will your guests walk into the guest bedroom and sigh a comforting homely smile that shouts, I feel welcome?” Or could they possibly think that you have placed them in a cupboard with your cleaning materials?

If it is the latter you need to read on and let the Christmas spirit sprinkle through your guest bedroom with these top tips…….

Loft Guest Bedroom

A welcoming fitted guest bedroom

Make It Comfortable Guest Bedroom!

They should never feel as though they have barged in and interrupted your home. So hide the vacuum and the ironing board somewhere else.
The guest room should feel deliberate with wardrobes and drawer space. Make sure they can quickly unpack and locate their belongings without trawling through cases. Having somewhere to place your personal effects is a big step to feeling at home. Maybe consider investing in a luggage stand. They fold flat, are reasonably priced and really useful.

A finishing touch is simple single fresh flower or small display. It says, hello you are welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Bright and Fresh – A Must for Any Guest Bedroom!

Think of your guest bedroom as a really fancy hotel. You want it to be clean and comfortable. No one wants to sleep in a musty old bedroom. A key part of doing that is by making sure everything is tidy and fresh! Dust off lampshades and surfaces or vacuum rugs and sweep floors to keep everything clean! And another great way to make your guests feel at home in your house is by providing fresh, fluffy towels for them, toiletries like toothbrushes and hairspray, and fresh bed linens so that they know this room was made up just for them!

Use the Guest Bedroom When The Guests Go Home

Do not be afraid to be bold with your guest bedroom, because when you don’t have guests, it can be a big part of your house! You bought it, you live there, make it yours too! Don’t just relegate the room to the dumping ground for all things you have not got round to putting in the loft or garage. Decorate in a way that matches the rest of your house, with accents and pops of colour to give the room personality! When your guests leave it could become your personal hideaway or maybe a place for you and your partner to have a romantic tryst !

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How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom. Do Something To Brighten Your Day

Spring Clean Your Bedroom

At last the season has changed from Winter to Spring. The signs are there. The clocks have gone forward and the evenings are lighter earlier. My garden is starting to bud and the daffodils have made a glorious appearance. Naturally the urge for us all to rush outside and enjoy any hints of sunshine should be grabbed with both hands. However, the rainy days still have a habit of dampening the joy of Spring. So why not use the time and spring clean your bedroom. Don’t wait for the warming sun to reflect all the dust and grime through the bedroom window. Start the bedroom spring clean now, so when the spring arrives to the full extent you are ready to step out and enjoy the joys of the new season without being stuck inside your home.

The busiest time of the year for the DIY sector is the beginning of spring. This makes sense as Easter bank holiday gives us time to get to those jobs we have been delaying because of winter.

But why wait. ?

The winter chill is still apparent, but less so, and there is more daylight for longer. Remember a spring clean clears our minds not only the house. So you have two choices either leave the bedroom spring-clean and then resent being stuck inside.  Not to mention the wardrobe will be so last season.   Simply  get up and get at it!

Get up and at it I hear you cry so Spring Clean Your Bedroom . Let the smell of lavender and daffodils adorn your clean linen sheets.

Cool Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Christmas Jumpers can now be relegated to the loft. If you have fitted bedroom furniture the chances are you will have space to store them on the shelf above the hanging rail. Fitted bedroom furniture from Verve uses all the space from floor to ceiling. So storage has never been so bountiful. If not, it is time to get out the vacuum bags and fill with chunky knits. The slightly warmer weather means that you can opt for lighter layers and hopefully brighter colours.  Review your wardrobes and remove anything you have not worn in the last 10 years. It’ s really is time to accept those outfits are unlikely to come back into fashion.

Dust the bottom of the wardrobes, open the windows and let the air circulate. Polish all your shoes, handbags and clear out socks with holes and any greying under garments or tee shirts. Spring-cleaning inside the wardrobes requires an overhaul of the items hanging in it too.

Move the bed and vacuum the skirting boards and the radiators. Dust accumulates behind the radiators. Just imagine warm dust to breathe in whilst you sleep – YUK!

Wash down your paintwork as it makes a huge difference. All you need is water, a cloth and some elbow grease. Change the bed linen to something lighter and brighter. Clean the windows and let the daylight flood back in. Consider applying a fresh coat of paint in your bedroom to bring spring time indoors. You can take inspiration from outdoor hues such as hints of yellow, blends of pink, vibrant blues, oranges and red. Feeling daring paint or wallpaper an accent wall. Alternatively just use the same colour you already have the fresh coat will rejuvenate the walls.

Next stand back and admire you completely refreshed bedroom and wardrobes. Next time you reach inside your wardrobes for an outside or climb into bed it feel magnificent.

With all the work done why not wrap up and head outside. Listen to the bird’s song. Take some time to notice the new season presenting itself slowly but surely. With your mind clear you can de-stress and afterwards return home to your beautifully spring-cleaned bedroom.


Shared Bedroom Ideas For Children

Design Ideas For Shared Bedrooms

If you have children and they share a room designing their bedroom needs to tick two boxes. First, you need to design a shared bedroom to give each child a little privacy. After all, we all some personal space at times, no matter how small we are small.   Secondly, any shared  bedroom needs to reflect both children’s taste in a complimentary fashion. Given this information you may have already worked out that shared bedroom design is a little tricky.

However, if you get a little creative, then you can set up a beautiful shared bedroom for your children. Well, here are 4 shared bedroom design ideas, which you can consider:

  1. Divide the Bedroom Space: If space allows add a small stud wall to a shared bedroom, as it will divide the space. It will help define each child’s area in the room. Alternatively, a bi-fold or sliding door is great to separate the sleeping areas. If this is not possible a simple division using a bedside table or bookcase works really well. In summary create a natural boundary to define a space for each child and their stuff!
  2. Silbings bedroom design
  1. Beds For A Shared Bedroom: Good news there is plenty of choice. Children’s bedroom companies have really thought about style and storage. If space is an absolute premium incorporate a roll out bed in the room. However, if you have two separate beds this is an ideal place to start defining personal taste and giving your child space for their belongings. You can choose beds with hidden storage compartments. Consider painted wooden beds frames with deep drawer space underneath. They can hold sheets, blankets and several out of season clothing or simply toys. This would ensure that the room looks neat and clean.
  1. Bunk Beds: Bunk beds look awesome in a shared bedroom. Especially bunk beds with white colour look great. Just like roll out bed, bunk beds can also save a lot of space. If the bedroom is small in size, then consider bunk beds. Kids love them but you may have to mediate who gets the top bunk!
  1. Shared Bedroom Decor: Chances are you children will be different and have their own unique style. However, one side of a shared bedroom in deep red and the other side in neon pink is not going to work. Neutral colours work well on the walls.  Add colour with the choice of bed linen and accessories. Mix and match floral, stripes and plaids. Choose some bright colours that would give the room a vibrant look. For the personal touch add some cushions that are personalised to define territory.

As we have said it is tricky but be sure to check out of Pinterest gallery for lots of shared bedroom ideas.


A Cool Bedroom Will Help You Sleep In The Heat

Cool Bedrooms

The warm summer nights have arrived.  This is obliviously welcome after a long and dreary winter. This wonderful news is great for spending our evenings in the garden with dinner served BBQ style. This year however our long summer nights the have arrived in the form of a heat wave. So when it comes to sleep these summer nights can mean a disturbed nights sleep. The reason is simple. We get subjected to too much heat and too much light.

So here the UK right now whilst we have longed for warmer weather most of us wish it would cool down at night.

Cool Bedroom Ideas

So what can we do?

Here are some basic tips on How to Keep the Bedroom Cool in The Summer.

Keep the curtains drawn during the day.   Keep blinds closed if you have them and keep the windows open. Bear in mind safety as the warm weather can lend itself to the opportunist burglar.

If you have a portable air conditioning unit switch it on at least an hour before you go to bed. Personally, I find it difficult to sleep with an air conditioning unit switched on during the night but many people like the background noise.

Pedestal fans are great investment. They can be moved to any room in the house so grab one before stocks run out. These little portable wind machines will go a long way to create a cool bedroom and a chilled you. They are reasonably priced too!

Whether you use temperature-controlling equipment to cool down the bedroom or not the main thing is to reduce the sunlight coming into your bedroom during the day. Just think keep the bedroom shaded from light and heat and it will be significantly cooler.

Bedroom Linen

Crisp cotton sheets are an absolute must. If you were thinking about buying some new bed linen this is the perfect motivation.

Choosing cotton sheets will minimise heat absorption.  Wear loose, light cotton clothing or go naked.  So opt for light sheets for a higher level of comfort and a cool bedroom feel.

 Ice Cold Cool Bedroom Hugs 

I have tried this myself and my children love it. Instead of filling a hot water bottle with hot water fill with cold water and place in the fridge during the day. The result is come the evening you have a wonderful cooling hug.

I hope all these suggestions will help you keep the bedroom cool in the summer and you get a good night’s sleep in the heat we would love to hear your suggestions for a cool bedroom so please share your experiences.

Small Bedroom Ideas With Style and Storage

Small Bedroom Design

Stumped for interesting design ideas for a small bedroom? Fear not, a small bedroom design can be challenging but not impossible. You can still create a beautiful compact bedroom. It just requires some smart planning, the right kind of storage and clever use of colour. The best place to start is the decoration. Try and choose a theme rather than a blend of styles. Maybe opt for something chic and elegant. As it is a small bedroom keep the bulk of the colour scheme light. Do add splashes of deeper colours through soft furnishings or an accent wall. However, remember the small bedroom is not the best place for strong colours on every wall. The room will feel even more restricted in space, light and air. You still want your petite bedroom to feel spacious and clutter free.

Beautiful Bed Frames Make A Statement

As it is a small bedroom the bed itself will become the centrepiece. So it is a good place to make a statement. Bed frames range from the ultra modern offering dramatic designs to the classic divan and everything in between. Even if you opt for a more classic bed you can choose a stylish headboard to create the focal point in the room. Under-the-bed-boxes can also give you much needed storage. So you can see the bed plays a key role when designing your small bedroom.

Small Bedroom Design

Small Bedroom Design

Storage For Small Bedrooms

Next up is storage. A small bedroom is not a bedroom unless you can store and retrieve your personal belongings. Most of us own stuff. Now the stuff may be useful or useless, but nevertheless it is personal to us and we want to keep it. So you need smart bedroom storage solutions for a small space. We already know that under the bed is great place to store your belongings, which is great for anything that does not require hanging. Therefore hanging space is a priority. The best way to achieve this is by installing fitted bedroom furniture. Even if you have a sloping ceiling the wardrobes can be built in and made to measure. You can choose the interiors and add shelving above the hanging space.

Wardrobes For Small Bedroom

Small Space Built In Wardrobes


Sliding wardrobe doors in a soft coloured glass with some mirrors will make the room look bigger and give you much needed storage. Be sure to add a mirror somewhere in the room to reflect light and give the feeling of more room. If space allows fitted wardrobes with hinged doors give you lots of style options from contemporary to traditional. They are easily complimented with accessories to add the finishing touches. For example if you have a blue and white colour scheme with a classic shaker white wardrobe doors all that is needed is a fabric chair and a few shabby chic finishing touches and you have a room filled with French Charm. Forget the idea that small bedrooms are restrictive just be creative! Think corner fitted wardrobes, eye catching headboards, soft colours with splashes of colours or bold prints. Whether country cottage or Shabby Chic to Urban Den the small bedroom can be a tiny place of great impact and style. See our Pinterest gallery of Small Bedroom Ideas for more inspiration.

Illuminate Your Home – Great Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom lighting is important. Lighting your bedroom goes deeper than creating a restful mood. Bedroom lighting can set the tone for the night ahead. Just imagine how bedroom lighting can help create the right ambiance for a romantic evening, an indulgent home spa pampering session or a well-deserved rest.
So besides adding the finishing touch to a beautiful bedroom, lighting needs to be practical too.

Lighting In The Bedroom

By day your bedroom is normally filled with natural sunlight as the gentle hues radiate across the room.
By night the choice of illumination is your own.
The mood you want to create hinges on getting the lighting right. Whether you are making the bed, reading, or picking out the perfect outfit, good lighting is key to a successful bedroom design.
Here are some tips when you come to choose the bedroom lighting in you home.

Centrally Placed Chandeliers

Light the way with a central chandelier. During the day the chandelier is a decorative statement of eye-catching elegance and beauty. By night it will offer ample illumination and will literally light up the room creating a visual centerpiece.
If your bedroom style is more casual opt for pendant style or tracked spotlights.Lighting For The Bedroom Ideas

Versatile Bedroom Lighting

Select a versatile lighting scheme that offers multiple levels of light. It will let you set the rooms’ mood to your own. Dimmers are perfect for tone setting and combined with lamps are perfect.
When choosing a lamp opt for shades in soft neutral tones. The lamp stand should compliment your décor. They don’t necessarily have to match or come from the same collection but should co-ordinate with your theme.
Wall-mounted bedroom lights can work well particularly if space at the side of the bed is limited. Opt for a swivel hinge so that you can direct the light where you want it most.

Behind Wardrobe Doors

Installing LED integrated lighting inside your wardrobes is a truly wonderful thing. Once you do light up your wardrobe interiors you always will – I mean forever. You will wonder how you ever managed to choose an outfit for work or a night out again. Built-in sensors mean the lights only turn on when the doors are open and the LED bulbs are super energy efficient.

Inspiring Bedroom Light

The Internet is a wonderful thing. At your fingertips you can explore the styles and trends from around the world. For great images and visual ideas on bedroom lighting check out our page on PInterest where we have lots of exciting home interior images that we love to share and re-pin from others.

Wardrobe Lights

Top Tip For Lighting Your Bedroom

The top tip is simple whatever your personal styles make sure you install varying levels of light. Give yourself the choice to set the mood and the tone of your bedroom. Make it bright and fresh, or romantic and sultry, and everything in between. Use the natural glow of the moonlight or the radiance of the sun. Capture the light and see it transform your bedroom time and time again. Wonderful !!!

Bedroom Design Is Flourishing – See The New Designs

New Bedroom Designs For 2015

On the 1st June Verve Fitted Bedrooms launched yet another style to their already unique and popular ranges.

This June the new Matt Metallic Range Bedroom Design has landed.

The new range is exciting because it has blended 3 trending bedroom design ideas and introduces new colours. The trends they have blended are Acrylic wardrobes doors, with the ever-popular matt finish and added tones of Metallic Copper. Cashmere and Basalt, which is a tone of cooled lava, smoothed stone. They simply have to be seen to appreciate the depth and subtleness of the tones and the quality of the product.

Fitted Wardrobe New Bedroom Designs

New Matt Metallic Bedroom Design

Creative Bedroom Designers

Over the last 5 five the creativity and passion in the world of bedroom design has flourished.

Customers demand originality for their bedroom design and the trend looks set to continue.

Gone are the days when a bedroom designer assumed everyone wanted their bed placed centrally and either side were single wardrobes with a bridge of cupboards above their head.

Bedroom design has simply moved on and for the better. Bedroom design offers more choice. Of course, the highly traditional wardrobe designs as mentioned are still available from the high street chains should you wish. However, original bedroom design is blooming amongst the quality independent bedroom design companies.

They understand and deliver bedroom designs that meet their customers lifestyle and add glamour and flare to their homes.

This is when the world of bespoke fitted bedroom furniture comes into its own.

The niche independent bedroom designers such as Verve Fitted Bedrooms have stepped up and compete quite easily with the high street chains on quality, price, originality and customer service.

The reason is their genuine passion for bedroom design. The passion to constantly seek out new finishes, new styles and ever more ingenious ways to provide storage in an elegant way. The bedroom designers at Verve know that they have they have to provide inspiration to their customers not just bog standard bedroom designs.

Ingredients Needed For A Unique Bedroom Design

Bedroom design is like a good recipe. You need a broad choice of style, colour and finish. Blend the exterior wardrobe doors with colour matched or contrasting interiors and say goodbye to “it only comes in Beech”. Mix this together with craftsmanship and expertise and you are on your way to creating something special.

The finishing touches such as designer door handles, bespoke headboards and mirrors are the icing on the cake.

If you are ready to see how your home can be transformed with a new bedroom designed by Verve Fitted Bedrooms then call today.



Kitchen Design Trends 2015


Kitchen Design Trends

If you thumb through magazines and think that every kitchen design is the same it does not have to be that way. Here are trending kitchen design ideas that take bland and make it grand. The all-white kitchen maintains its strong appeal, and is still occupies the top spot as a timeless classic even when contemporary materials are used. However, new trends are coming, incorporating non-traditional lighting, natural materials and black and brushed steel hardware.

2015 is all about the trend of using natural colours. The natural colour palettes are becoming as popular as white as people continue to seek a kitchen design that is sleek and modern but is warm and inviting. Past trends tended to be futuristic and whilst clean and pristine, the homely aspect of the kitchen character was being lost.   Kitchen design trends for 2015 look to the natural world as inspiration, we can expect to see more use of slate, stone, and wood alongside subtle or rich dark colours. Kitchen tiles, kitchen worktops and kitchen cabinets are now available in an array of colours and finishes so it has never been easier to create a kitchen design that is on trend with timeless appeal.


Kitchen Colour Trends

The colour grey continues to be a popular choice in kitchen design. Not so long ago grey would have been viewed as a cold and steely colour often used in urban styles, but this is no longer the case. The shades of grey available have a warmth and depth that create a soft hue easily matched with darker tones for contrast.

Contrasting Colour Kitchen Design

The cream palette again is rising is popularity as the shades now deepen to silky latte browns and deep mochas that add new life to the cream kitchen. Again using the contrast of soft and inviting cream with an ever deepening brown like a woodland full of fresh saplings and hardened oak.

If you are feeling bold look at deep navy cabinets with some cream contrasting features and finished with an oak worktop. A kitchen design trend that has the WOW factor that is inviting and simply divine.

Remember adding contrast can be achieved from kitchen worktops, kitchen drawer fronts, kitchen tiles and just about any element including something as simple as kitchen paint. Contrast is no different to accent wall in a room but you are restricted to one area in the kitchen so the choice is abundant.


Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

As we have already seen contrast is big kitchen design trend and this applies equally to the kitchen cabinets themselves. The contrast does can come not only from colour but the kitchen cabinet style as well. A few chosen pieces can make a big difference.

Rather than simply have a uniformed run of kitchen cabinets and use colour to create the stand out feature you can use the kitchen cabinets themselves to draw attention.

Add built-in tall and narrow cabinets to the ends of a cabinet run.  Maybe consider a few glass fronted kitchen doors to display your gourmet condiments. Choose a patterned kitchen door or a more elaborate kitchen door profile to enhance the features of the room. Rather than maintain a single depth of worktop, add a secondary deeper depth and set back the kitchen cabinet.

Whatever you choose the choice is open and not restricted to high street showroom offerings. Seek out a kitchen designer that is independent and competitive and you are onto a winning combination.

Kitchen Showing three different Design Styles

The Kitchen Worktop

Whatever kitchen style you choose be sure to budget for a quality kitchen worktop. The worktop is the pièce de résistance. It can truly make or break a kitchen design. Do be practical and consider the materials durability and scratch resistance.

The engineered stone worktops such as Silestone are truly beautiful.

You can also add different depths of worktops known as worktop zoning. It is ideal for breakfast bars and work areas.


Kitchen Extractors

The kitchen extractor is most updated kitchen appliance over the last 5 years. The choice is so great ,it would be hard to mention them all but you can get pretty much any colour, shape or size. They create an eye catching central focal point particularly when adorned over a serious looking hob or range. A wonderful addition to kitchen design that is functional too !


Kitchen Trends 2015 In A Sentence

Kitchen design trends for 2015 is contrast either the style, colours, finish and the sizes or for the bold do it all.


If you would like a free no obligation fitted kitchen design call today.