Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Welcome to our childrens bedroom furniture page. Here you can expect to find some honest and practical advice about fitted childrens bedroom furniture. You can choose from one of the largest collections of bedroom colours and styles suitable for childrens bedroom furniture on the market. We are confident you would find a bedroom theme just right for your children. We will design your childrens bedroom furniture so that it meets both yours and your child’s wishes. Bedrooms designed for children need to consider growing up too, so we will be sure to factor the development years into your bedroom design. The toddler year’s passes by in the blink of an eye and then you have teenagers on your hands. So childrens bedroom furniture needs to adapt with your child.

Fitted Children’s Bedroom Furniture Design

Fitted Childrens Bedroom Furniture designs can be more cost effective than you may think. If the bedroom is designed correctly the fitted furniture will transition from playtime to homework and personal space for older children, very easily.

The fundamental principle of fitted children’s bedroom design is to consider both storage and lifestyle. Maybe your child is football or horse riding crazy today, but tomorrow they could be musicians, gamers or the next ground braking scientist -who knows!

The second consideration is the style of your fitted bedroom furniture. It is possible to still have baby pink and shocking blue colours but use them to add contrast and character. Try not to saturate the room as overtime it can feel overbearing. Your child needs to sleep in the room, so a restful ambiance when the lights are dimmed, is highly desirable.

A way to incorporate bold colours is by having contrasting drawer fronts. If you were to choose a high gloss white bedroom range you could easily add a number of bright gloss coloured chests of drawers to compliment your range.

Thirdly, if space allows and it frequently does, build in a desk space. Even very young children can use a desk area. Teddies can be displayed proudly and they can create wonderful artwork at their very own desk. For older children a dedicated area away from the distraction of house is ideal when it is time to study. As my mother always said, “a good education is easily carried, it is not a sack of coal”. Creating the right environment to enjoy learning is a wonderful gift.

Lastly, the digital age is here to stay. This means that technology is now part of the bedroom too. Therefore, if you want your children’s bedroom furniture to deliver a multi-functional space, fitted bedroom furniture is the best choice.

TV’s, consoles and docking stations can be easily integrated into fitted wardrobes or hidden behind wardrobe doors. No unsightly cables and CD cases strewn over the floor, as everything will have a place to be stored.

The choice is yours as bespoke children’s bedroom furniture is adaptable and durable. All that needs to change over the years is the décor and accessories and you will have a bedroom that will last them for years to come.