Fitted Wardrobes

Quality Fitted Wardrobes

Quality fitted wardrobe furniture offer so much potential. Many people are looking for ways to organise their wardrobe, but they have a hard time finding effective ways to store their belongings in a way that will stay organised. Sometimes people run into the problem where they do not use the available space in an optimal way. When you have the right shelving, hanging and drawer space to arrange your personal belongings getting organised is easy . Fitted wardrobes are a great way to maximise all the space available. Our fitted wardrobe designers will help you to create the perfect way to use the space from floor to ceiling.   You will be able to store your personal belongings for all seasons in one place. Getting ready in the morning or for your big night will be stress free the moment your fitted wardrobes are installed.

Customizing Your Fitted Wardrobes

The wonderful aspect to creating a custom, fitted wardrobes is that you can work with the designer to create your unique space. Our wardrobe designers have the skills that are necessary to help you achieve the perfect wardrobe design. Most fitted bedroom companies offer limited ranges and standard height and width doors. However, our bespoke bedroom furniture is made to measure not made to fit. We are not restricted by standard sizing across any aspect of the design or manufacture.

We offer one the largest selection of wardrobe door styles and colours available. Plus, if you don’t find what you are looking for, we can help by making the effort to source the materials that you would like to use. Each customer that we work with receives a personalised service, and our goal is to make sure that we finish the project to your total satisfaction.

Fitted Wardrobe Doors

When you are selecting your fitted wardrobe doors, we will help you to consider the options that are available in order to make sure the wardrobe is beautiful and functional for the space where the fitted wardrobe is being installed. We have many design options available, including luxury finishes, high gloss or matt finishes, acrylic finishes, and different types of wood effect styles and hardware to choose from.

Some door styles are on hinges, and they open similar to a regular door. Other fitted wardrobe doors might be on tracks, so that the doors slide to the side when you need to access the wardrobe. Depending on the space of the room, you can select the door design that works best for your needs.

Working with our Fitted Wardrobe Designers

Because the doors are the most visible part of the design, our fitted wardrobe designers can create CAD drawings to help you see what the wardrobe will look like before it is built. These design steps allow the fitted wardrobe designers to help you utilize the space in your wardrobe in a way that is functional and attractive at the same time. You can have the benefits of efficient storage space, and at the same time it is possible to upgrade the style and design of the room through the design of your fitted wardrobe.

The designers are experienced in this line of work, and they will be able to analyze your space in order to determine the best design elements for your bedroom.