Is your Guest Bedroom Inviting? Don’t forget the Guest Bedroom before they arrive!!

Christmas time is nearly upon us. People we hold dear are planning to arrive in our homes again. This may make you grin from ear to ear. Or feel you with dread given your personal space is about to be, less spacious. Hopefully you are looking forward to your guests descending and you can spend quality time together recounting old memories and creating new ones. However, a bit of space for everyone always helps the festivities bounce along more smoothly. So do not delay. It is time to review the guest bedroom in time for Christmas.

Ask yourself, “Will your guests walk into the guest bedroom and sigh a comforting homely smile that shouts, I feel welcome?” Or could they possibly think that you have placed them in a cupboard with your cleaning materials?

If it is the latter you need to read on and let the Christmas spirit sprinkle through your guest bedroom with these top tips…….

Loft Guest Bedroom

A welcoming fitted guest bedroom

Make It Comfortable Guest Bedroom!

They should never feel as though they have barged in and interrupted your home. So hide the vacuum and the ironing board somewhere else.
The guest room should feel deliberate with wardrobes and drawer space. Make sure they can quickly unpack and locate their belongings without trawling through cases. Having somewhere to place your personal effects is a big step to feeling at home. Maybe consider investing in a luggage stand. They fold flat, are reasonably priced and really useful.

A finishing touch is simple single fresh flower or small display. It says, hello you are welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Bright and Fresh – A Must for Any Guest Bedroom!

Think of your guest bedroom as a really fancy hotel. You want it to be clean and comfortable. No one wants to sleep in a musty old bedroom. A key part of doing that is by making sure everything is tidy and fresh! Dust off lampshades and surfaces or vacuum rugs and sweep floors to keep everything clean! And another great way to make your guests feel at home in your house is by providing fresh, fluffy towels for them, toiletries like toothbrushes and hairspray, and fresh bed linens so that they know this room was made up just for them!

Use the Guest Bedroom When The Guests Go Home

Do not be afraid to be bold with your guest bedroom, because when you don’t have guests, it can be a big part of your house! You bought it, you live there, make it yours too! Don’t just relegate the room to the dumping ground for all things you have not got round to putting in the loft or garage. Decorate in a way that matches the rest of your house, with accents and pops of colour to give the room personality! When your guests leave it could become your personal hideaway or maybe a place for you and your partner to have a romantic tryst !

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