Shared Bedroom Ideas For Children

Design Ideas For Shared Bedrooms

If you have children and they share a room designing their bedroom needs to tick two boxes. First, you need to design a shared bedroom to give each child a little privacy. After all, we all some personal space at times, no matter how small we are small.   Secondly, any shared  bedroom needs to reflect both children’s taste in a complimentary fashion. Given this information you may have already worked out that shared bedroom design is a little tricky.

However, if you get a little creative, then you can set up a beautiful shared bedroom for your children. Well, here are 4 shared bedroom design ideas, which you can consider:

  1. Divide the Bedroom Space: If space allows add a small stud wall to a shared bedroom, as it will divide the space. It will help define each child’s area in the room. Alternatively, a bi-fold or sliding door is great to separate the sleeping areas. If this is not possible a simple division using a bedside table or bookcase works really well. In summary create a natural boundary to define a space for each child and their stuff!
  2. Silbings bedroom design
  1. Beds For A Shared Bedroom: Good news there is plenty of choice. Children’s bedroom companies have really thought about style and storage. If space is an absolute premium incorporate a roll out bed in the room. However, if you have two separate beds this is an ideal place to start defining personal taste and giving your child space for their belongings. You can choose beds with hidden storage compartments. Consider painted wooden beds frames with deep drawer space underneath. They can hold sheets, blankets and several out of season clothing or simply toys. This would ensure that the room looks neat and clean.
  1. Bunk Beds: Bunk beds look awesome in a shared bedroom. Especially bunk beds with white colour look great. Just like roll out bed, bunk beds can also save a lot of space. If the bedroom is small in size, then consider bunk beds. Kids love them but you may have to mediate who gets the top bunk!
  1. Shared Bedroom Decor: Chances are you children will be different and have their own unique style. However, one side of a shared bedroom in deep red and the other side in neon pink is not going to work. Neutral colours work well on the walls.  Add colour with the choice of bed linen and accessories. Mix and match floral, stripes and plaids. Choose some bright colours that would give the room a vibrant look. For the personal touch add some cushions that are personalised to define territory.

As we have said it is tricky but be sure to check out of Pinterest gallery for lots of shared bedroom ideas.