Small Bedroom Ideas With Style and Storage

Small Bedroom Design

Stumped for interesting design ideas for a small bedroom? Fear not, a small bedroom design can be challenging but not impossible. You can still create a beautiful compact bedroom. It just requires some smart planning, the right kind of storage and clever use of colour. The best place to start is the decoration. Try and choose a theme rather than a blend of styles. Maybe opt for something chic and elegant. As it is a small bedroom keep the bulk of the colour scheme light. Do add splashes of deeper colours through soft furnishings or an accent wall. However, remember the small bedroom is not the best place for strong colours on every wall. The room will feel even more restricted in space, light and air. You still want your petite bedroom to feel spacious and clutter free.

Beautiful Bed Frames Make A Statement

As it is a small bedroom the bed itself will become the centrepiece. So it is a good place to make a statement. Bed frames range from the ultra modern offering dramatic designs to the classic divan and everything in between. Even if you opt for a more classic bed you can choose a stylish headboard to create the focal point in the room. Under-the-bed-boxes can also give you much needed storage. So you can see the bed plays a key role when designing your small bedroom.

Small Bedroom Design

Small Bedroom Design

Storage For Small Bedrooms

Next up is storage. A small bedroom is not a bedroom unless you can store and retrieve your personal belongings. Most of us own stuff. Now the stuff may be useful or useless, but nevertheless it is personal to us and we want to keep it. So you need smart bedroom storage solutions for a small space. We already know that under the bed is great place to store your belongings, which is great for anything that does not require hanging. Therefore hanging space is a priority. The best way to achieve this is by installing fitted bedroom furniture. Even if you have a sloping ceiling the wardrobes can be built in and made to measure. You can choose the interiors and add shelving above the hanging space.

Wardrobes For Small Bedroom

Small Space Built In Wardrobes


Sliding wardrobe doors in a soft coloured glass with some mirrors will make the room look bigger and give you much needed storage. Be sure to add a mirror somewhere in the room to reflect light and give the feeling of more room. If space allows fitted wardrobes with hinged doors give you lots of style options from contemporary to traditional. They are easily complimented with accessories to add the finishing touches. For example if you have a blue and white colour scheme with a classic shaker white wardrobe doors all that is needed is a fabric chair and a few shabby chic finishing touches and you have a room filled with French Charm. Forget the idea that small bedrooms are restrictive just be creative! Think corner fitted wardrobes, eye catching headboards, soft colours with splashes of colours or bold prints. Whether country cottage or Shabby Chic to Urban Den the small bedroom can be a tiny place of great impact and style. See our Pinterest gallery of Small Bedroom Ideas for more inspiration.