How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom. Do Something To Brighten Your Day

Spring Clean Your Bedroom

At last the season has changed from Winter to Spring. The signs are there. The clocks have gone forward and the evenings are lighter earlier. My garden is starting to bud and the daffodils have made a glorious appearance. Naturally the urge for us all to rush outside and enjoy any hints of sunshine should be grabbed with both hands. However, the rainy days still have a habit of dampening the joy of Spring. So why not use the time and spring clean your bedroom. Don’t wait for the warming sun to reflect all the dust and grime through the bedroom window. Start the bedroom spring clean now, so when the spring arrives to the full extent you are ready to step out and enjoy the joys of the new season without being stuck inside your home.

The busiest time of the year for the DIY sector is the beginning of spring. This makes sense as Easter bank holiday gives us time to get to those jobs we have been delaying because of winter.

But why wait. ?

The winter chill is still apparent, but less so, and there is more daylight for longer. Remember a spring clean clears our minds not only the house. So you have two choices either leave the bedroom spring-clean and then resent being stuck inside.  Not to mention the wardrobe will be so last season.   Simply  get up and get at it!

Get up and at it I hear you cry so Spring Clean Your Bedroom . Let the smell of lavender and daffodils adorn your clean linen sheets.

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Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Christmas Jumpers can now be relegated to the loft. If you have fitted bedroom furniture the chances are you will have space to store them on the shelf above the hanging rail. Fitted bedroom furniture from Verve uses all the space from floor to ceiling. So storage has never been so bountiful. If not, it is time to get out the vacuum bags and fill with chunky knits. The slightly warmer weather means that you can opt for lighter layers and hopefully brighter colours.  Review your wardrobes and remove anything you have not worn in the last 10 years. It’ s really is time to accept those outfits are unlikely to come back into fashion.

Dust the bottom of the wardrobes, open the windows and let the air circulate. Polish all your shoes, handbags and clear out socks with holes and any greying under garments or tee shirts. Spring-cleaning inside the wardrobes requires an overhaul of the items hanging in it too.

Move the bed and vacuum the skirting boards and the radiators. Dust accumulates behind the radiators. Just imagine warm dust to breathe in whilst you sleep – YUK!

Wash down your paintwork as it makes a huge difference. All you need is water, a cloth and some elbow grease. Change the bed linen to something lighter and brighter. Clean the windows and let the daylight flood back in. Consider applying a fresh coat of paint in your bedroom to bring spring time indoors. You can take inspiration from outdoor hues such as hints of yellow, blends of pink, vibrant blues, oranges and red. Feeling daring paint or wallpaper an accent wall. Alternatively just use the same colour you already have the fresh coat will rejuvenate the walls.

Next stand back and admire you completely refreshed bedroom and wardrobes. Next time you reach inside your wardrobes for an outside or climb into bed it feel magnificent.

With all the work done why not wrap up and head outside. Listen to the bird’s song. Take some time to notice the new season presenting itself slowly but surely. With your mind clear you can de-stress and afterwards return home to your beautifully spring-cleaned bedroom.