TV and Media Units

TV & Media

Technology now plays a part in all of our lives. Our modern lifestyles have added an extra dimension to the bedroom, kitchen and interior design in general.

The rooms in our homes now need to be versatile.   Our children stay at home longer and home working part of everyday life. What does this all mean for our homes?

The answer is that interior design needs to reflect the lifestyle of today.

How To Create a Versatile Living Space

One of the ways to create a versatile living space is by installing built-in bespoke furniture that creates a multi-functioning space without compromising storage or style. The digital revolution and the popularity of flat screen televisions, game consoles and music stations mean that custom-built TV and media units are often needed in our home.

Whilst the high street responds well to these changes, they can fall short.

Freestanding media units often are limited in both the style and practicality.  More often than not unsightly cabling is part of the package, regardless of wireless networks.

Verve can offer you bespoke fitted furniture that is perfect to create practical and stylish to showcase the television media, computing and gaming needs of your home.

Custom Built Media Cabinets

For example, Verve can integrate your television and computing into your fitted wardrobe or kitchen.  This can create an individual space to watch TV or answer emails in the seclusion of your bedroom, or a family space so technology can be shared.

If you install custom-built media units in the kitchen it can be an ideal place for children to complete homework around the kitchen table. Just imagine, you can prepare dinner and keep close watch that work is being done at the same time.

Media Rooms

Other ideas could be to display your flat screen television as the focal point of the living room with gaming consoles hidden inside bespoke cupboards. Or create storage for CD’s or floating shelves for a music station.

Maybe, it is a combination of Computing and Home working shared with Entertainment systems all rolled into one.

Whatever your preference our media room furniture designers can create bespoke built-in displays that reflect your families needs.