Loft Wardrobes

Loft Wardrobes

Loft wardrobes can be a challenge when it comes to organisation and design because they are usually uniquely shaped and include slanted ceilings. It can be difficult to find freestanding loft bedroom furniture that fits perfectly with the shape of your room, which is why you should consider talking with a fitted loft wardrobe designer in order to explore the options of made to measure wardrobes.

Our fitted wardrobe designers’ work with angled ceilings on a daily basis. We understand how to create perfect wardrobe interiors and design features to maximise the space that is available. Everything from the drawer and shelf placement to the door design can be catered to the shape of the room. When you look at loft wardrobes, you will see that there is space for everything that you need, including rails to hang blouses and shirts, storage areas for clothes that are folded, and drawers that can be used to store delicate items.

Standard Furniture vs. Made to Measure Wardrobes

In a loft, the angled ceiling and odd-shaped rooms limit the amount of wall space that is available for furniture placement. If you have furnished a loft before, then you probably understand the frustrating process of measuring the exact specifications of the room and then searching for loft bedroom furniture, which will fit within that specification. Often, the furniture options are very limited, because the angled ceilings in the loft don’t allow tall furniture pieces. As a result, a lot of the space near the angled ceilings is wasted.

On the other hand, made to measure wardrobes are designed to fill in that space with exactness. The designer works with the measurements of the room, in order to create storage space in the hard to reach places. That storage space is easily accessible and it looks great, helping to enhance the decor of the room. When you have loft wardrobes installed, you select the style and design that are used to build the loft furniture so they are in keeping with your décor. We can complete the design with matching bedside cabinets and drawers and handles of your choice.

How to Install Made to Measure Wardrobes

If you are ready to give your loft bedrooms a facelift, then it is possible that you might be considering a do-it-yourself wardrobe option. Many people who start into this type of project on their own quickly find out that the project is much bigger than they anticipated. Instead of having the headache and hassle of trying to figure it out your self, contact us to schedule a no pressure loft wardrobe design visit.

We will discuss the details with you such as the type of finishes that could be used and the way the loft wardrobes could be organized. With many different styles and colours, there are literally limitless options for you to choose from, and our experienced designers can help you to select the design and style that fits best for your needs. During the design process, you can even see what it would look like because the designer can show you a CAD drawing. Contact us today, and we will take care of all of the details for your loft wardrobe design and installation.