Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are becoming more popular, because they offer a modern way to design the wardrobe and save space at the same time. If you want to preserve the open space in the room, standard wardrobe doors can be a problem because they usually open into the bedroom, which requires space for the door movement. On the other hand, sliding wardrobes can be very user friendly, because they do not require a lot of forward opening space since the doors move side-to-side.

Advantages of Built in Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

The main advantage to built in wardrobes is the fact that it helps to create space within the room. A good wardrobe design will include features such as shelves and drawers, which eliminates the need for you to have a separate dresser to store your clothing. The built in wardrobes fit perfectly into the size, shape, and design of the room, helping you to optimize space and improve the organization of the room.

Additionally, with sliding wardrobes, the space can be easily accessed when the doors are moved to the side. When you are ready to hide the storage space again, simply slide the doors shut, and the design of the doors will blend in nicely with the rest of the room.

Inside of the wardrobe, you can choose the functionality of the space. We will help you to take advantage of overhead space, as well as nooks and crannies that are often overlooked. The sturdy shelves and drawers will make it easy to organize your wardrobe, and you will love the functionality of using the wardrobe on a daily basis.

Custom Sliding Doors

A benefit to working with a company such as ours is that you have the ability to customize the design and finish of your wardrobe. We offer a full range for you to choose from. These options include materials such as mirrors, glass, or wood effect.

Our sliding doors have smooth running systems and soft close, as standard. The installation includes a raised track base to create a perfect floor level to enhance the quality of the sliding door system. There is no need to worry about wardrobe doors that are heavy to move or that get stuck in the track, because our modern design for sliding doors includes a smooth running system and a soft close feature. It also reduces dust and grim collection.

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We recognize that you have unique and individual preferences for the design of your built in wardrobes, and we want to help you to create the perfect sliding wardrobes for your room. Our designers would be happy to talk with you about the options that are available, so that we can find the right design for your needs.