A Cool Bedroom Will Help You Sleep In The Heat

Cool Bedrooms

The warm summer nights have arrived.  This is obliviously welcome after a long and dreary winter. This wonderful news is great for spending our evenings in the garden with dinner served BBQ style. This year however our long summer nights the have arrived in the form of a heat wave. So when it comes to sleep these summer nights can mean a disturbed nights sleep. The reason is simple. We get subjected to too much heat and too much light.

So here the UK right now whilst we have longed for warmer weather most of us wish it would cool down at night.

Cool Bedroom Ideas

So what can we do?

Here are some basic tips on How to Keep the Bedroom Cool in The Summer.

Keep the curtains drawn during the day.   Keep blinds closed if you have them and keep the windows open. Bear in mind safety as the warm weather can lend itself to the opportunist burglar.

If you have a portable air conditioning unit switch it on at least an hour before you go to bed. Personally, I find it difficult to sleep with an air conditioning unit switched on during the night but many people like the background noise.

Pedestal fans are great investment. They can be moved to any room in the house so grab one before stocks run out. These little portable wind machines will go a long way to create a cool bedroom and a chilled you. They are reasonably priced too!

Whether you use temperature-controlling equipment to cool down the bedroom or not the main thing is to reduce the sunlight coming into your bedroom during the day. Just think keep the bedroom shaded from light and heat and it will be significantly cooler.

Bedroom Linen

Crisp cotton sheets are an absolute must. If you were thinking about buying some new bed linen this is the perfect motivation.

Choosing cotton sheets will minimise heat absorption.  Wear loose, light cotton clothing or go naked.  So opt for light sheets for a higher level of comfort and a cool bedroom feel.

 Ice Cold Cool Bedroom Hugs 

I have tried this myself and my children love it. Instead of filling a hot water bottle with hot water fill with cold water and place in the fridge during the day. The result is come the evening you have a wonderful cooling hug.

I hope all these suggestions will help you keep the bedroom cool in the summer and you get a good night’s sleep in the heat we would love to hear your suggestions for a cool bedroom so please share your experiences.